Cheating on the HCG Diet

It is imperative that you be committed to dieting impeccably before you start taking the HCG drops. Eating more than 500 calories a day while on HCG could actually make a person gain weight. We recommend you read Dr. Simeons’ complete White Paper before committing to the plan. You can find the White Paper on the website. Information about this is on page 41.

The first thought that may come to your mind while reading this is, Well, if I put on that much every time I eat a little extra, how can I hold my weight after treatment? And, the answer is: This type of gain only happens while you are taking the HCG drops. When the treatment is over, the blood is no longer saturated and can easily accommodate extra food without having to increase its volume.

With that said, if you should cheat you need to just get back on the diet the next day. Cheating could set you back several days, but don’t stop and keep going. You do not need to start the diet over. If you continue to find yourself cheating, discontinue the drops immediately. Note also that it will take approximately three days or 72 hours for HCG to be completely flushed out of your body and if you aren’t eating right, you could gain more.

As we said above, please get committed before you start. HCG, if done correctly, will be the last diet you ever go on. You can do anything for 30 or 60 days when you put your mind to it. And you will realize, it’s just not worth it to cheat. Plan each phase and follow our instructions to the letter and this does not mean just while you are taking the HCG.

Begin with your two “Gorge Days.” We know this sounds ridiculous, but it is very important and must not be skipped. If you haven’t read the post under Gorge Days, you will want to. Next begin the 500 calorie part of the diet for either the short protocol or the long protocol, depending upon the amount of weight you want to lose. When you are done with the drops phase, make sure you complete the entire 3-week period of stabilization. This is the time when your hypothalamus will reset your metabolic rate. This is so important. Without this phase, all your dieting efforts could be for nothing. Then ease back into eating all the foods you love, but don’t over do. Continue to weigh yourself every day and if you ever notice a gain of 2 pounds or more, immediately do a “Steak Day” (There is a blog post on Steak Days too) and you should lose the 2 pounds over night. If you are planning to do a second or more courses, make sure you wait the prescribed period before starting to ensure you do not become immune to HCG.

If you are going on a vacation or business trip and know it will be hard to stay on the protocol during this time, wait till you get back to start your diet. Then you won’t have to worry about the consequences of cheating.

Good Luck!


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