If I take more HCG will I lose faster?

Even though Dr. Simeons used injections instead of the more common sublingual (homeopathic) method, we know that he recommended 125 IUs daily for weight loss. We administer that amount today with three doses of 10 drops placed under the tongue for rapid absorption into the blood stream.

We found one website that never addressed the subject, but indicated a chart with the following:
30 drops = 125 IUs per day
36 drops = 150 IUs per day
42 drops = 175 IUs per day
48 drops = 200 IUs per day.

We wonder what they are indicating. Dr. Simeons states in his White Paper, Inches and Pounds, “125 I.U. which is the standard dose for all cases and which should never be exceeded.” page 49. This is the dose he recommends for an elderly woman or a big hulking man. He also states in several places that increasing the dosage can actually reverse the process and inhibit weight loss.

For a company to suggest that you might want to take more than 125 IUs of HCG, is just trying to sell you more product and could be jeopardizing your ability to lose weight.

We, at www.hcg4less.com, also recommend strict adherance to Dr. Simeons’ protocol as stated in his White Paper. Some folks may decide to follow one of the other vendor recommended protocols with numerous deviations from the original diet. We agree that times have changed since the 1950s when Dr. Simeons first did his clinical research and there are numerous products available today that were not available then, but why take chances. We wonder why someone would be willing to spend their money and devote a huge amount of time dieting and not want to achieve the maximum results that are documented.


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