You are on HCG and you get a cold (allergies too)…

Just finishing up my second course (down 59 pounds, thank you) and I have finally succumbed to the string of colds that has been going around. If this happens to you or you have allergies, make sure you don’t sabotage your HCG 500 calories by taking cold or flu medicines that have sugar. You might cheat without even realizing it.

I went searching on the internet to find something that would help. This is one area where I will deviate from what Dr. Simeons’ has to say. In his white paper, Inches and Pounds, he basically states that most medicines are taboo while on the HCG diet. But, many new products have been developed since the 50s-60s-70s. As most of you know I am a dyed-in-the-wool proponent of following Dr. Simeons’ instructions to the letter. But, when it comes to feeling like I have for the last couple of days, I went looking.

I started by looking for diabetic products, since diabetics have to be so careful with sugar. On the website I got some answers. Here are just a few Benylin Adult, Robitussin-CF, diabetic products by Scot-Tussin, Echinacea, sugar-free cough and cold products, regular Mucinex, etc. All of these are safe for diabetics, so it is a good place to start for us HCG dieters. Make sure to read the label of anything you buy.

The one thing that suggests that I whole heartedly disagree with is getting a flu shot. Please research this carefully before you ever get one or get another one. Stories abound about individuals who have had terribly debilitating problems associated with flu shots. A friend of mine’s daughter was hospitalized for two weeks after getting a flu shot and was actually in ICU for three days. My mother, who was in her 80s when I came back to Kansas City to care for her, used to get a flu shot every year and she always got sick for about a week after. I talked her out of getting shots and she only had one cold after that the rest of her life. She died in March of 2010 at the age of 93. The other thing is that a flu shot only protects against one kind of flu and it’s a roll of the dice as to whether you will even be exposed to that particular variety. Researchers guess what kind of flu might hit the US every year and they create a serum for it. They have been wrong more times than you can count. One more issue that I want to mention here and I am not trying to bash doctors, but in the big scheme of things flu shots are the biggest money-maker for most general practitioners during the whole year. Did you think that CVS Pharmacy’s were just being nice when they and others started offering flu shots? Yes. The serum costs very little (a few cents) and you may pay $25 or more for the shot (if Medicare isn’t picking up the tab). In my opinion they aren’t worth the risk even if they are FREE. My late husband was a Medical Reimbursement Consultant and I was astounded when I learned the truth about the flu-shot scam. This is just one person’s opinion. Please research this yourself and make up your own mind.

Take care and stay healthy.


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